6 Leg Workouts You Can Do Anywhere--No Gym Required!

6 Leg Workouts You Can Do Anywhere--No Gym Required!

Like most women, you want toned legs, slim thighs, and nice hips and glutes. How do get them? Climbing stairs? Running uphill? Lifting weights? You can achieve great results performing all of these, but what happens when life gets busy and you have no time to get to the gym?

Bodyweight exercises are just as effective as the leg press, leg extension, or squat machines. And guess what? With the right routine, you can do them anywhere--even at home! We have rounded up some of the most popular lower body workouts that will help you get everything right and tight in no time! 

15 Minutes For Great Buns And Thighs

Fitness model Tamra D. takes you through a full leg and glute workout. It includes a warmup, cardio, bodyweight exercises, and a cooldown. This one is sure to lift the buns, firm your thighs, strengthen your hamstrings, and engage your core.

Pilates-Inspired Workout

All you need for this workout is 15 minutes and an exercise mat. You won't be doing a single squat or lunge, but you will work your legs and glutes while engaging your core the entire time.

3 Minutes To Toned Inner Thighs

The inner thigh is one of the toughest areas for women to keep toned and strong. This workout isolates them with just a few exercises. It is ballet-inspired, so be ready to plie and pulse your way to slimmer inner thighs.

Get Killer Thighs In 5 Minutes

Celebrity fitness trainer Astrid McGuire takes you through a series of leg exercises that train both the inner and outer thigh. You will get toned glutes, quads, hamstrings, and thighs with this workout.

Train Like An Angel

Alessandra Ambrosio demonstrates a leg workout that helps her get in shape for a Victoria's Secret runway show. It tones hips, butt, thighs, and legs in under 20 minutes.

Blast Your Saddlebags

This POP Sugar workout targets your outer thigh muscles and your glutes. It requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. Try half-clam lifts and traveling leg lifts to really feel the burn!

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