• Tips to Get Back in Shape After Pregnancy

    May 24, 2018Fitness, Food, Health and Wellness, Lifestyle

    Getting in shape after pregnancy can be extremely difficult. Aside from gaining weight, you gain a larger appetite, go through random cravings, lose some mobility and will soon lose out on some “me time.” With that in mind, it requires a bit of determination and a little help from your friends and family to get you back on track to have you looking like your old self again…or maybe even a new you! Take Naps While it may seem near impossible to get as much sleep as you once used to, taking naps and catching some Z’s is crucial when it comes to losing and maintaining your weight. Lack of sleep slows down your metabolism, thus preventing you from losing weight or even causing you…

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  • Must-Have Spring Beauty Products

    April 5, 2018Health and Wellness, Lifestyle

    Spring is a great time to bring out lighter and brighter beauty looks to reflect the season. From makeup to skin care, and everything in between, we’re breaking down our must-have spring beauty products that are sure to help you look and feel your best. And did we mention that these are all-natural products? ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner Our first product – the Tinted Lip Conditioner. A blend of organic botanicals and buildable pigments for a wash of color that intensifies with each swipe. 85% organic and individually hand molded with lots of ❤. Clockwise from top left: Crimson & Clover, Nobody’s Baby, Arabian Knights, Kokomo (SPF), These Days, and Bang Bang 💄💋 #cleanbeautyincolor #ILIAbeauty A post shared by ILIA (@iliabeauty) on Feb 19, 2018…

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  • What Happens to Your Body When You Sleep?

    March 15, 2018Health and Wellness

    The body is a powerful thing, even while you are sleeping. In fact, what you may consider your “rest period,” your brain and entire body might beg to differ. A lot goes on in that body of yours while you are sleeping, so we decided to break it down and shed a little light on just what happens while you are sleeping. The Brain You may be sleeping, but your brain sure isn’t. It puts itself to work in order for you to reenergize, repair, and remember things from day to day. While you are sleeping, your brain does a little home repair. During waking hours, your brain can build up toxic molecules that causes harm to it, which is how it is a leading…

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  • 10 Cleaning Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier

    February 26, 2018Health and Wellness, Lifestyle

    Wouldn’t it be nice to always have your house spotless? While we’re not all perfect and don’t have a cleaning service following us around to pick up every crumb we’ve dropped, we can at least make our home clean with a little bit of our own elbow grease. You just need to learn the tricks of the trade to get that blender clean again and get that stench out of the drain. We’ve put together a few cleaning hacks that will certainly make your life a bit easier, not to mention a whole lot cleaner. Dirty Blender Sometimes it seems near impossible to get that blender clean again. Who else has bits of dried fruit from their smoothies stuck to the sides of their blender?…

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  • 5 Reasons Athletes Are Great Hires

    February 5, 2018Fitness, Health and Wellness, Lifestyle

    Playing sports growing up taught us many virtues: the value of teamwork, personal responsibility, hard work and discipline, among other life lessons. As business owners or management, the qualities you look for in a hiree are often found in the people who dedicated their lives to sports. Here’s why: Naturally Team Players First and foremost, athletes know what it means to be part of a team. Even an individual sport, like tennis or swim, has a team consisting of coach and player. An athlete knows how to sacrifice for the benefit of the team, communicate interpersonally, how to utilize their strengths, and depend on their teammates and coaches. Flip these into a professional setting, and you have an employee contributing trust, sacrifice and a team…

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  • Practicing Mindfulness

    January 25, 2018Health and Wellness, Lifestyle

    There is understated expectation to be consistently busy with our schedules. Between family, friends, work and daily to-do lists, time seems to slip away. And with time slipping, social media beckoning and social calendars filling, a 24 hour day doesn’t feel like enough. How can we simplify? How can we practice mindfulness? Take a moment to breathe and focus This is always the first step. Our lives consist of to-do lists and demanding responsibilities. And these are a joy! Our families, friends and careers are pivotal points of our lives that we work hard at. The discipline of making your mind quiet itself brings your present to focus. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, or in the middle of a big meeting, or even…

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  • Six DIY Skin Care Recipes

    January 11, 2018Health and Wellness

    Skin care treatments can be extremely expensive. From going to a spa to simply buying products from your local drug store, you can easily break the bank with the amount of money that you can spend on skin care. While we think having products to take care of your skin should be at the top of the list, we don’t exactly agree on how much money these things can cost! This is why we are bringing you these six skin care recipes that you can make on your own. They are a fraction of the price and can easily work the same as those expensive brands. Make a batch for yourself and your friends because these make a great holiday gift for the gals. Green…

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  • At Home Workouts For Those Cold Winter Days

    January 8, 2018Fitness, Health and Wellness

    Now that winter has officially arrived, you may think that this is your opportunity to skip out on some workouts. With the cold air and the winds blowing, chances are you aren’t going to want to go out for a nice run to freeze your butt off. But just because the weather isn’t on your side, that doesn’t mean you can skip out on those workouts that you promised yourself to do. You can get in shape in the comfort of your own home, even if you don’t have any equipment. So, no need to worry about the weather because these workouts are all about staying inside and using what you have at home. Tricep Dips A post shared by MAI : I AM enough…

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  • Six Tips to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

    January 4, 2018Fitness, Health and Wellness, Lifestyle

    It’s inevitable that New Year’s resolutions are broken every year by millions of people. Whether your resolution is to work out more, eat right, or even just to quit biting your nails, we’re here to help you stick to your goals so that you don’t fall under the line of resolution breakers. But, before making a resolution that is pulled out of thin air, remember that these resolutions aren’t for you to make drastic changes to your life, but act as a way to reflect on the past year and see what you can do to improve your life. We don’t want you to change who you are as a person, just find a way to improve your meaning or way of life. Now that…

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  • The Best New Year’s Resolutions

    January 1, 2018Fitness, Health and Wellness, Lifestyle

    The first day of two thousand eighteen starts TODAY. Which means it’s a fresh new week on top of being a brand new year. Being thoughtful of the year to come, these New Year’s Resolutions have the theme of time; how do you spend it and where. This year, let’s aim to work hard and play hard. Set goals that grow each time you accomplish one. Set A Time To Exercise More If you don’t already have a consistent workout schedule, this year is the time to make one. Discipline and consistency are everything if you want results. And not just for physical appearance, but also to keep your body healthy. Exercise promotes blood flow, can help with cholesterol, anxiety, and many other healthy benefits.…

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