8 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

April 26, 2018
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While some may think of inflammation in the body as having to deal with the infamous bloating after having a heavy meal or even as a result of getting your period, there’s a lot more to inflammation than just feeling larger than normal. Many diseases including asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease are linked to inflammation. By introducing anti-inflammatory foods into your diet, you can alleviate these diseases and possibly even cure them. Here are 8 anti-inflammatory foods that are sure to make you look and feel your best, inside and out, and help you rid of the inflammation in your body.


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Known for improving your brain power, blueberries pack a punch when it comes to your health. Aside from improving your cognitive memory, they are antioxidants that act as strong anti-inflammatory contributors and help fight cancer. The antioxidants will help reduce damage to your cells, thus improving your overall health from fighting allergies to cancer.


Didn’t Mom always tell you to eat your greens? Broccoli is a high-powered anti-inflammatory that should be included in everyone’s diet. With key vitamins and flavonoids, broccoli helps battle chronic inflammation and helps lower the risk of cancer. Steam some up or grill them with other veggies to make a healthy medley.


Filled with omega-3 fatty acids, nuts are a heart-healthy snack that will fill you up quickly. Big contributors to your heart and eye health, they also help protect you against diabetes and cardiovascular problems, which are common risks caused from inflammation.


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One of the most omega-3-rich foods out there, salmon goes at the top of the list when it comes to anti-inflammatory foods. Known as one of the most potent anti-inflammatories, salmon has been proven to reduce inflammation and help lower chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.


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Beets slow down the body’s trigger ingredient that leads to inflammation, making it a superb component when you’re looking for anti-inflammatory foods. Packed with magnesium, potassium and folate, you’re sure to be doing your body some good by including these in your diet. Don’t like them whole? Throw them into a smoothie full of delicious fruits to get your daily intake.

Bone Broth

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Get the stove burning because it’s time to heat up some soup. Bone broth is a staple when it comes to reaching your maximum health. Loaded with all the good stuff such as calcium, magnesium and silicone, bone broth is great in strengthening your bones, protecting your joints, helping keep the elasticity in your skin and of course, acts as a strong anti-inflammatory.


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A great addition to many meals, garlic acts as an anti-inflammatory due to its sulfuric acid. Plus, it can combat illnesses such as the common cold or flu, help lower cholesterol and can even improve your bone health. It’s a great additive to several meals from chicken to bread; so just add some garlic!

Olive Oil

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Olive oil is full of beneficial antioxidants that fight off inflammation, help fight diseases and regulate cholesterol in your bloodstream. Due to its many benefits, it is a great ingredient to cook with, especially since the monounsaturated fats in the oil are fairly resistant to high heat. Cook your meat, veggies or pasta with it to keep your pan sizzling and to flavor your meal.

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