Seven DIY Holiday Gifts

December 18, 2017lailaadmin
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Holiday shopping can be stressful and expensive. Plus, deciding what to get people when they already have just about everything is almost mind numbing. This year, opt for something a little more personal that your friends and family can appreciate. Here are seven DIY holiday gifts that come straight from the heart and are 100% original since you’ll be creating them!

DIY Ring Holder

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With some clay, paint, and a little imagination (or even just an eye for copying the design) you can easily make your friends an adorable ring holder. Whether you use the design from the picture or decide to come up with your own that reflects each of your friends’ style, these will all be original gifts that you can’t buy anywhere else. See how to make these at Lia Griffith.

DIY Nail Varnish Marbled Coasters

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These coasters are a personal gift for all of your friends and family that you can even have the kids make. With only two ingredients (nail polish and tepid water) you will have a colorful and gorgeous marbled look on the tiles in no time. Add some felt to the bottom of the tiles to provide some protection from scratching the table. See how to make these at The Mad House.

DIY Felt Tablet Cover

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If you’ve got a fashion forward tech nerd on your hands, then they’ll love a tablet cover for their iPad. These covers are fashionable and functional. If you’re up for a little sewing action, then we encourage you to try it out! See how to make these at Lia Griffith.

DIY Plant Decor

If any of your friends or family has a green thumb, then they’ll love this fun plant decor that they can put inside or out. Let your mind explore with some paint and glitter on the terracotta pots and fill them with some succulents and flowers. Then, to add some height and design, stack ‘em! See how to make these at P&G Everyday.

DIY Giant Jenga

If your family gets together a lot and plays games outdoors, then this DIY Jenga set can be a great gift that the whole family will love. Gab some wood, sand paper, and a saw, and start making those blocks! See how to make this at Lemon Thistle.

DIY Menu Chalkboard

Chalkboards are very in these days, so this gift is functional and trendy for any room. Grab some plywood, chalkboard paint, pine boards, and glue to get the party started. See how to make this at Ella Claire Inspired.

DIY Doormat

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This personalized doormat is so simple to make, and your friends will think of you every time they step inside their door. Start with a plain doormat and grab your black screen printing ink for the painting. You can either find stencils or simply print out your lettering and cut them out with a utility knife. The finished product is a welcome mat that speaks to your friends’ personalities. See how to make this at Settling In Sawdust.

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