Tips To Shine On Your Interview

November 7, 2017
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Landing your dream job can be a long and gruesome journey. We know first handedly that the job search can be stressful, time consuming, and even degrading after hearing “no thanks” or not even a reply after applying. But with some determination and a killer resume, you will begin to hear back and have requests for an interview. This is your chance to shine and show that company that they would be fools to not want to hire you. We’re here to help you in that next step with the tips that will make you shine on your interview and help you get closer to landing your dream job.

Do Your Research

Before stepping into your interview, you need to do your research on everything you can for this position. Review the job posting to see what they are expecting a person to do in order to fulfill their requirements. Research the company in which you are interviewing for to see what projects they may currently be working on or past success they have had over the years. Knowing some background information will make you seem knowledgeable about their company and industry, allowing them to have more confidence in you as a potential employee. Lastly, if you know the name of the person whom you are interviewing with, try doing some research on them. Find out what role they have in the company and any projects they have worked on or maybe you will find out that you have something in common with them such as a hometown or alma mater. These types of things can strike a conversation with them that can make you feel more personable, thus putting you at ease and letting them see the real you in the interview.

Come Prepared For Questions

There are always the staple questions that come up during interviews such as “Tell me about yourself.” or “Why do you want to work here?”. Be prepared for the typical questions that they will ask during the interview by practicing what you will say when the question comes up. Preparing concise answers for each question that you expect to come up will make you prepared and help you not ramble on with lengthy answers. There are plenty of websites that offer practice interview questions to help you prepare for a smooth interview. Take a look at the average questions that come up in interviews and be prepared to answer them with ease.

Secondly, it always comes up in an interview where the interviewer asks you if you have any questions for them. You should always be prepared to ask them a few questions as well. Asking them specific questions about the position in which you are applying to will make you seem more interested in the specific role and wanting to learn more about what you should expect upon working for the company. A good rule of thumb is to have your last question be about when they expect to fulfill the position and when you should expect to hear from them. This is a great closing question that will let them know you are certainly interested and will be waiting to hear from them.

Dress For Success

Making a good first impression based off of what you are wearing is extremely important in an interview. After all, this will be the first thing they notice upon meeting you. Take notice of what kind of culture the company holds and this can help gauge what you should wear on your interview. For instance, if you are going in to interview for an accounting job, business attire is most likely the way to go, but if you are entering into a more artistic culture, feel free to use a pop of color that shows that you are artistic as well. But remember, being overdressed for an interview is much more acceptable than being underdressed, so never plan on wearing a t-shirt or your ripped jeans for an interview.

Have Everything Ready

When going in for an interview, be prepared with everything you might need. Have a few copies of your resume printed out, as well as a sheet of references. If you have a portfolio with examples of your work, ensure that they are organized and ready to be viewed if asked. And of course, show up early to your interview. Arriving late to an interview is already a big strike that you can take that can cost you the job.

Be Aware of Your Words & Actions

The way you speak and act during an interview can make or break your chances of getting an offer.  Make eye contact, speak clearly, and make sure you’re not rambling on or squirming in your seat. By making eye contact and speaking clearly, you will appear as confident and well-prepared for any questions that may come your way. It is also important to be aware of your body language while speaking or listening to them. Any fidgeting such as pen tapping, foot tapping, or simply adjusting in your seat too much will make you seem agitated, nervous, or can just simply be distracting. You want to try your best to be attentive, confident, and relaxed.

Follow Up

After thanking them in person at the end of your interview, you should always follow up with the interviewers afterwards, whether in an email or handwritten letter. Thank them for taking the time to interview you and re-express your interest in the position and company. Doing so will give you that leg up in the race to landing your dream job. Seeing your name one more time will force them to think about you one more time before making their decision on who to

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