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October 9, 2017
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Finding the right one to spend the rest of your life with may seem like the most gruesome and lengthy task of your life. From meeting someone at the bar to going on a blind date, there are so many first dates or relationships that can go completely wrong just because of the initial meet up. Luckily, finding the perfect one for you got a little easier with the help of online dating. Who would think that creating a profile and swiping right or left could steer you in the right direction to the rest of your life?

While putting yourself out there on the World Wide Web, essentially screaming “I want a relationship!”, may be the most vulnerable thing you could do — it could also be the best thing you’ve ever done if you find the right one. There are thousands upon thousands of options out there for you to choose from, you just have to know how to pick the good ones and how to present yourself online. We’re here to give you some advice on how to play the online dating game to avoid those awkward first dates and be on your way to a happy and healthy relationship.

No Photo, No Bueno

Being camera shy when it comes to posting photos on your dating profile doesn’t and shouldn’t fly. If you or the person you seem to be interested in doesn’t post a photo to their profile, then that is a big old red flag. When someone doesn’t post a photo on his or her profile, it usually means they are trying to hide something. It could be that they are trying to hide what they really look like, that they’re married, or even that they’re on the run! Don’t fall for the profile without any visuals to it; otherwise you could be setting yourself up for failure.

Fill Out Your Profile

While a picture may speak a thousand words, profiles that have actual information about them in it get more attention. By telling a little bit about yourself other than just your name and age, you are likely to get more views, messages, and are far more likely to find the one that has similar interests as you.

Be Realistic

The pictures you choose to post on your profile should be realistic, and the same goes for the ones that you are looking at. Choosing the most flattering photos of you, or even photos that are a few years old when you were in your early twenties, isn’t always being realistic. Having more photos that represent who you really are is the best way to go. So many first dates end on just a first date due to misrepresentation of what you look like on your profile versus how you look in real life.

Don’t Hesitate

Playing hard to get isn’t the way to get the date when it comes to online dating. Making someone wait for you to respond can actually ruin your chances of getting a date with a really great guy. Remember, they are in the same boat as you on this one and may be a hot commodity online. If they send you a message online, chances are they sent a couple others to other girls that he found an interest in. If another girl responds earlier than you, then you just may have lost your chances of getting to know a really great guy.

Chat It Up

Before you agree to meet up with someone, make sure you do a quick screening process by chatting with him a bit. Set up a phone call as the first initial “meeting”. You may be surprised at how much you can connect with someone just by speaking with him. If you both feel no connection or spark after a phone call or two, it might not be worth your time to meet up with him for an actual first date.

No “Hi, Hello!”

If you are the one reaching out to someone online, avoid the simple “Hello.” This tends to get you nowhere and can get you little to no response. Instead of simply saying “Hi”, start an actual conversation so that they have something to respond to. And ladies, don’t be afraid to make the first move! This is 2017 after all. The guy might be impressed that you reached out to him first, or you may even have reached out to the perfect guy that was too shy to message you.

Be Yourself

Most importantly, you need to be yourself. Searching for “the one” needs to be what you want and what compliments you best. You don’t want to fake your way into a relationship because in the end you are searching for the one to spend the rest of your life with. There’s no need to try and trick someone by pretending to be something other than yourself…that will only end up in a broken relationship or one that is not truthful.

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