How To Avoid Nagging

September 28, 2017
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Relationships are hard work. No matter how great and perfect life may be with your loved one, chances are there are some moments where you just can’t stand each other. When you spend a lot of time with each other, you can get under each other’s skin for the littlest of things. Whether it is why he chews his food the way he does or why he can’t put his shoes away when he takes them off instead of leaving them in the middle of the floor to be tripped on, life’s little imperfections can really get to you sometimes.

When little things like that occur, how do you handle it? Nagging is one of the most common answers to that question, whether you admit it or not. If you find yourself repeating everything, asking one question after another, or constantly complaining, then you can coin yourself as a “nagger”. We’re not saying that nagging is done for no reason, chances are there is great reason behind it, but the way you handle it could be done a little better. The main problem with nagging is that it’s really not effective and can cause even more problems in a relationship than there were before. We’re here to help you eliminate your nagging once and for all by changing the way your man thinks and the way you handle the issue at hand. These tips will not only make your man happy, but you as well, because a happy wife is a happy life.

Practice What You Preach

Leading by example is one of the best things you can do in a relationship. For instance, if you are constantly reminding your loved one to eat better or workout, you better be the one to take the first step in the right direction. You can’t expect him to eat fruits and veggies for dinner while you sit back and eat a burger. Actions speak louder than words, so the constant nagging or reminding them about eating healthy won’t make any changes if you aren’t encouraging him by showing him that you are making the same sacrifices. No one likes a hypocrite, so get out there and ask him to go on a walk with you or make a healthy salad together for dinner. The elimination of nagging and the positive encouragement can make a world of a difference.

Set The Same Goals

Some people just have natural high or low expectations from everyone. While that is fine, you may just need to communicate that with your partner. Communication is key in this instance. Whether it’s doing daily chores or taking care of the finances, the two of you need to sit down together and go over what the two of you expect from each other. By setting acceptable standards of how you want to maintain your home, you will see a change in actions when it comes down to the daily or even yearly routine. In the end, you both should be reaching for the same goal, which will ultimately lead to you both being happy.

Encourage, Don’t Discourage

This is where you have to take a step back and study your own actions. Do you find yourself nit picking every little thing your man does? By analyzing how many times you point out the things he has done wrong or imperfectly, you will begin to see how you may be damaging your relationship. By constantly hearing all of the things he has done wrong, he may begin to feel resentment or want to retaliate, leading to further arguments. This is why we advise you to encourage him more than you discourage him. If you find yourself wanting to criticize him, then hold your tongue this time around. The less he hears criticism and more praise, the more he will want to do things for you.


Communication is the key to any relationship. Repeating yourself three or four times should not be your way of communicating. If you find yourself repeating your request or question multiple times, chances are that your man has stopped listening all together. Before you reach the third time repeating the same question, stop yourself and take the issue or request into a conversation. Ask him why there is a problem with your request, or how the two of you can solve the issue at hand. Before getting upset right away, be open to his answer. You may even find that you were getting upset for something much deeper than him not doing the dishes. Having an open conversation, being vulnerable, and listening to your partner can solve many problems in a relationship, not just determine who is doing the dishes.

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